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Oddly enough, I absolutely hated art and craft when I was little. I felt it was boring and tedious, and I hated the mess and the smells of various things (paints, crayons, clay, etc.).

When I was in third grade, I was in a classroom just when the school was over and recess was starting. A few boys were throwing something around, laughing and screaming at one another. Then I felt something hit my face. As I was on my way home, I realized my eyesight was weird. Stuff looked like doubles, and kind of blurry. I went home and my mom took me to an optometrist at a nearby contact lense shop. He ran a few tests and found out that my left eye was slashed with the object. Very fortunately I did not lose my sight, but it took me over a month wearing an eye patch over my left eye, looking at the world through only one eye, until the doctor thought I had sufficiently recovered.

The eye patch came off, but my formerly exceptionally great eyesight (I could see a watertower that was five miles away, from the 8th floor condo we used to live in) began deteriorating over time. By the time I was out of high school, I was full-blown myopic. Now I cannot read a 10-point character half a foot away.

Over time, I began perceiving the world through subtle nuances in different shades of colours. Though I could no longer see or discern details and lines and edges, and I lost my sense of depth and distance recognition, I developed a keen sense of colours, shades and tones. I think this is very much well suited for a watercolour artist.

I picked up fine arts when I was in middle school, perhaps as a way to find an escape from the very rigid and competitive academic environment I was in at the time. I even served as the president of the school fine arts club for a year. In my teenage years, I visited many art museums -- famous ones as well as obscure and less-known ones. Museums were some of my favourite hangouts -- I had annual passes to the Seattle Art Museum and the Bellevue Art Museum. During my junior and senior years of high school (which was an arts magnet school that specialized in all sorts of arts), I received an excellent art training from working artists who were teachers at our school, including Leah Kosh and Sandy Nelson.

After I graduated from high school 20 years ago, however, I abruptly took a break from art. I never picked up a paintbrush for the following 13 years. My interests sort of shifted, I gave up on my application for the Cornish College of the Arts and the Art Institute of Seattle, and by that time it was too late to apply for anything except a few local community colleges. I attended South Seattle Community College(today's South Seattle College) for three years and there I studied journalism and newspaper production, something that was becoming obsolete at the time. Even then, in retrospect, my artistic eyes played important roles in designing a newspaper. I developed a love of typefaces, as well. I also had a bit of training in photojournalism as well, and I would love to venture into that field when I have a lot of money to invest in equipment (in the mean time I do have my digital Polaroid).

In 2007, I resumed my art. It was a fresh start for me, and I did not necessarily have perfect tools or resources for this. Yet, I began showing in the spring of 2008, and I have exhibited ever since. I have held two solo shows, and was a featured artist in an exhibit at a gallery. I have shown in several juried shows as well as in invitationals.

Recently, I am more into traditional watercolour art, after having developed a distinct style that combined illustration and watercolour over some years.

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Portfolio (2007 through 2012): http://www.myartplot.com/users/iriscat
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