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About Copyright and Licensing

Revised: February 21, 2017

Art is to be enjoyed by all. In the 2010s, social media "sharing" can be, and is, a powerful way for artists to gain public exposure and recognition around the world, and to exchange ideas and inspirations with fellow artists without limits of borders and distances.

However, artists' works must be respected and proper credit be given if artists can afford to keep creating in this economy. I recognize that copyright laws and conventions are two-edged swords. On one hand, copyright and patent laws were devised to encourage creativity and innovation by providing creators with legal protection and economic incentives. On the other hand, copyright issues have sometimes stifled free exchange of ideas, information, and even social elements of creativity.

To this end, I would like to remind everyone that:

  1. Feel free to share any art of mine that you like on social media, blog, or art review website you might own.
  2. These images I make available on the web are intentionally degraded to lower resolutions to help save bandwidth and also to thwart some dishonest people from reproducing the artwork for sale (for which I would not receive a dime).
  3. Use of these images are subject to the Creative Commons Public License version 4.0 (or later) BY-NC-ND. This means you are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes, or to create a derived product (including unauthorized modifications such as blurring or cropping out identifying watermarks). You are required to properly attribute the author. See for the terms and conditions.

For many years, art had been one of very few ways for me, for a number of personal reasons, to earn money through honest, legal, and ethical means. More importantly, it is one of those pursuits that I can put my spirit into. Therefore, my creativity provides me with much of my income, and I depend on it.

But I also appreciate the power of social media and the new economy of sharing. After all, the more people post my art on their timelines and blogs the more exposure I get, and it is a good promotion that does not cost me money that I cannot otherwise afford.

If you love my artwork and would like to print it out on your colour printer (recommended: print it out on a watercolour postcard stock available at any art supply store) for your own personal use, feel free to do so, but keep in mind that you cannot resell it (giving it away as a gift is fine provided that the recipients are bound by the same terms of licensing per CCPL 4.0 by-nc-nd). I would highly appreciate if you do this, contribute whatever you can.

If you are in business of making and marketing postcards, greeting cards, posters, etc., I would like to hear from you as I am always open to the idea of residual royalty income.

[Creative Commons Public License]
Creative Commons Public License worldwide, version 4.0-by-nc-nd

Special information on commissioned projects:

For commissioned fine arts projects, I retain both moral rights of a creator, and the right to produce reproduction and derivative works (subsidiary rights). You own the original piece and ability to reproduce the work for your personal use. No reproductions or derivative works may be sold for more than what you paid for the original.

For commercial projects (i.e., projects done for a specific business client such as advertising, branding, etc.), the clients generally retain all rights including rights to reproduce for commercial gain, and to make derivative works. However, I retain both moral rights and limited rights to use the works for my own portfolio and promotion.

Special information on online and offline instructional materials:

All intellectual and creative assets included as part of any instructional and training program offered by me are copyrighted and expressly licensed to you for your one-time, personal use only. No course materials may be reproduced, duplicated, redistributed, archived, or otherwise reused in any manner except for your own personal records only. Course materials are not covered under the Creative Commons Public License unless otherwise specifically noted.

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