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Learn the seven secret laws of great watercolor painting!

When I search Google "Why is watercolor," the first automated suggestion comes up, "so difficult," and the second one, "so hard." Many people take up watercolor because of its accessibility, only to find it too difficult and frustrating to continue.

During my many years of making fine arts, and being an exhibited watercolor painter and mixed-media artist, I have developed a system that makes professional-grade watercolor paintings quickly and easily. Through trials and errors, I find that we need to know only a few basic rules and skills to create a masterpiece!

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Through many years of artistic experiences, I simplify key concepts and important skill sets to ensure that learners gain a quick grasp of the fundamentals and understand the tradition, so that they can internalize what they learned immediately into their creative process. At the same time, I use fine arts as a way to break free of ordinary thinking patterns, and therefore challenging one's perceptions.

For more about my artistic activities, view my curriculum vitae and portfolio.

Rates for individuals and small groups (maximum 10 per group) per session

$90 per hour base rate, $30 each additional hour, plus $20 additional per each extra participant if the group has 3 or more persons, maximum hours per session is 6 hours. For a multiple-day workshop, each day counts as a separate session for the purpose of billing. Price does not include materials (ask me for recommendation including good places to shop), nor classroom/studio rental fees. At least 50 percent of total price, or $50, whichever is greater, must be paid upon booking (subject to 100 percent cancellation penalty).

Please note:

Instruction will be in the English language. Client is responsible for providing an interpreter if participants cannot understand the English language, or if they require sign-language translation. Youth between age 14 and 17 are welcome only with a responsible adult. No children under 13. My teaching method is largely geared towards adult learners and is not particularly suited for children. Art instructions are only available in the greater Portland, Oregon tri-county metropolitan area.

"Off-line" workshops and classes

Future in-person workshops and classes will be held primarily at the Floy Preslar Gallery/Alice Tarbell Hall at Estancia Serenova. Subscribe to the gallery newsletter for upcoming events.

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