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Know Your Planet Earth! (KYPE!) makes you better informed and more cultured wherever you are — No passport or IDs, no airfare, no hotels, no TSA, and no credit cards required! KYPE! brings a little bit of the world you may not be aware that it exists, to your computer or to your mobile device. KYPE! educates and informs the people about different cultures, languages, ways of life, political controversies and conflicts, religions, and geography — all in an easy-to-digest and fun format. At a time when ignorance and hate seem to rule the political discourse and mass media, KYPE! seeks to unite the world one person at a time by igniting the sense of wonder and curiosity we all once had.

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This is a blog with short, easy-to-read, fun contents on

  • current world news and its context
  • world cultures
  • geography
  • linguistics and learning languages
  • geopolitics
  • history
  • world food
  • world music

It’s just like a social studies class, but a lot more fun and less reading assignments!