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La AgrupaciĆ³n Artemisa LaArtemisa.info

La AgrupaciĆ³n Artemisa (La Artemisa) is a religious feminist ecclesiastical entity and ministries providing resources, services and scholarly researches related to Goddess religion from a New Thought perspective.

Ministries and services

  • Personal customized liturgies and rituals: Goddess-centric, with adaptations possible to incorporate different cultural and religious traditions.
  • Educational events and study groups on thealogy and religious feminism.
  • Consultation on inter-religious communications and collaborations.
  • Limited pastoral counseling and support, or simply listening ears.
  • Personal healing rites and rites of passage: with specific focus on LGBTQAIP and neurodiverse communities.
  • Hands-on healing.
  • Personal prayer support.
  • Additionally, I support emerging communities, groups, and congregations through facilitated brainstorming sessions, branding, digital marketing, volunteer management, and much more. For more information about these services, visit limeadestand works.