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The mission of limeadestand works is to make human dignity and liberties a reality for every human being, in which every person may express their fullest potentials within the context of a free, inclusive, vibrant, and civil community. limeadestand works educates and equips individuals on the edge and in the middle alike to empower themselves with their own hands, creating economic and social opportunities where none may even exist. Hypermicroenterprises and grassroots community organizing are the tools of choice, and limeadestand works specifically focuses on practical, DIY solutions and ‘lifehacks’ that can be implemented by anyone, regardless of present socioeconomic circumstances.

Micro-Revolution Academy programs

The Micro-Revolution Academy is the educational and informational programs of limeadestand works, comprising of community-based, peer-supported classes and workshops, as well as ongoing mentoring and digital resources. Beginning 2017, the Micro-Revolution Academy programs are the central component of limeadestand works, which allows limeadestand works to fulfill its missions at low, affordable costs for the socio-economically disadvantaged market.

In addition to the regular Micro-Revolution Academy classes and workshops offered to the general public, limeadestand works also provides occasional free classes as a community outreach, as well as offering classes and workshops for community organizations, churches, and businesses who can provide a venue, a guaranteed minimum attendance, and their own promotions. These classes are offered in the Greater Tualatin Valley, Portland Metro (excluding Washington State), and South Columbia County regions only.

Other products and services

  • Small business consulting: launching hypermicroenterprise utilizing bakery model of self-financing, requiring no credit or debts.
  • Small business marketing: branding strategies and marketing strategies, graphic designs (web and print), social media management, publicity, newsletters, website management, digital marketing.
  • Community organizing support: publicity and social media marketing, volunteer management, event management, newsletters, meeting facilitation.
  • Educational programs: workshops, public speaking at community organizations, educational contents and media, free or low-cost classes for those interested in launching hypermicroenterprises.
  • Facilitated brainstorming and listening sessions for individuals or small groups.